Become an Introducer for Avecoeur

If you are an agent, IFA or wealth advisor and are interested in proposing our new French development projects then we would love to hear from you.

Good commissions
(Sales & Rentals)

We can pay good commissions to you as a wealth advisor or we can offer cash-back, discounts or added incentives for your clients- whichever works best for your client relationships.

Access to recommended developments

As a wealth advisor you have many different investment opportunities to propose to your clients depending on their risk profile and personal goals and property is just one of many assets you may suggest to your clients. It is therefore very important for you to be able to propose safe yet interesting properties for investment that won’t have issues down the road and cause a headache and potentially a loss of investment for your client. With our experience in the French property market we already know most of the developers in France and which are the best ones to work with ensuring a great selection of curated property opportunities. As developers you can also propose our own projects which you might prefer as then you are only ever dealing with one company you can trust fully.

Back office a to z assistance

We offer a full administration and advisory service for your clients from start to finish and together with our rental management, mortgage broking and development expertise we can guide your client through a successful and stress free purchase.

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